SanDisk Announces 128GB Extreme Pro CF card at 100MB/s UDMA 7

SanDisk has just announced the newest card to their Extreme Pro series, the 128GB Extreme Pro CF card.   


UPC 619659063382

MSRP $1,499.99

Choose the memory card fast enough to keep up with your advanced DSLR: SanDisk Extreme® Pro™ CompactFlash® 128 GB card. With lightning-fast speed (up to 100 MB/sec* write), you’ll be able to capture more frames per second and with Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) †† enabled, allowing you to get superior Full HD video performance—get the most out of your professional DSLR camera.  And with up to 128 GB** of storage, you’ll be ready for more RAW+JPEG and Full HD video too, even in 3D. Trust SanDisk® to get the most out of your professional digital SLR camera.  



  • Extreme professional speed at up to 100MB/sec* write speed (667X, UDMA-enabled) for shorter wait times and faster continuous burst shooting
  • Extreme Full HD video performance Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) †† enabled for superior Full HD video
  • Extreme capacity gives you more room for capturing RAW+JPEG, sequential bursts and Full HD video files on 128 GB**
  • Extreme intelligence of SanDisk’s Proprietary Power Core™ controller distributes data across the card more rapidly and efficiently; the UDMA-7 interface allows for maximum data transfer between card and camera
  • Extreme endurance The SanDisk Power Core™ controller’s firmware algorithms, through wear leveling, enhance endurance of card by moving the data across different blocks of memory, evenly spreading the data around.  The Power Core™ Controller’s ECC engine has improved over its previous generation thereby enhancing overall reliability of the card.
  • Extreme durability for extreme environments: SanDisk Extreme® cards feature RTV silicone coating for added protection against moisture and humidity
  • Extreme confidence, backed by rigorous stress, shock, and vibration testing procedures and our lifetime limited warranty
  • Extreme reliability in extreme temperatures, tested to perform from -25°C to 85°C (-13°F to 185°F)

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